Basement and Crawl Space Dehumidification

Dehumidifiers & Air Filtration Systems For Your Basement or Crawl Space

Get a more comfortable home and a healthier basement or crawl space with our WiseAire Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems. Lowering the humidity level in your basement will remove musty odors and limit mold growth. 50% of the air you breathe upstairs comes up from below your first floor. This is called the “stack effect”. The WiseAire55 is designed to reduce the relative humidity to below 50%, ensuring that unhealthy mold will not grow in that environment!

Since the air in your home moves upwards from the lowest level where your basement or crawl space usually is, it's a smart choice to have a dehumidifier and air filtration system in place to control humidity and clean the air you breathe. When negative effects from water, mold or moisture in the basement or crawl space start to spread throughout the home, a dehumidification and air filtration system will not only lower the moisture content, but also clean and purify the air providing a healthy and comfortable environment throughout your whole home.

Does Your Basement Smell Musty & Moldy? 

Keep your home healthy and your basement or crawl space dry and mold free with WiseAire Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems. You don't have to live with that musty "basement smell" anymore! If you'd like your basement or crawl space to smell clean & dry like it does upstairs, contact us today at 844-203-1819 to learn more.

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Get a clean, dry home with our dehumidification systems today!

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