Energy Star Dehumidifier

WiseAire™ Dehumidifiers are Energy Star rated – which isn't a common achievement for a dehumidification system.

You wont need to empty any buckets on your WiseAire™ system because it will automatically drain into your GrateDrain™ basement waterproofing system. On top of having a groundwater-free basement, adding a WiseAire™ Dehumidifier would be like putting the icing on top of the cake for your dry basement program. It will complete your basement and you will no longer need to picture the concrete in your basement turning white from being way too dry.

How does WiseAire perform so astonishingly well with the same amount of energy that less-effective dehumidifiers use?

  1. The WiseAire™ blows air over a big cold coil that resembles a truck radiator instead of a typically small spiral coil that average dehumidifiers have.

  2. The WiseAire™ runs the escaping dry cold air through a unique heat-exchange core that pre-cools the entering wet air, thus recollecting energy.

  3. The WiseAire™'s powerful 200 cfm blower not only pulls more air in order to dry quicker, it also moves the dry air out and around your basement in order to dry everything else.

These are just some of the main reasons why WiseAire™ wins the dehumidifier battle over all other brands.

To further prove its superiority, another big benefit of the WiseAire™ system is that it doesn't have to be placed in the space it's drying. You can put it in a utility room and duct the wet air in and dry air out to your basement's main room.

With dry air and zero water leaks, materials will stay dry and allow you to finish your basement or use it for storage. No odor, no mold, no damage to the property.


If you're interested in learning more about our WiseAire™ Energy Star rated dehumidifiers, contact us at 844-203-1819. We can also provide a free estimate!


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