Indoor Relative Humidity

Humid air is one of the biggest challenges that basements face because as the air condenses, it can cause the development of mold.

Relative humidity is basically just the measurement of water present in the air for each specific temperature. If the relative humidity measures at 100%, then you will most likely see rain, but if the relative humidity is at 50%, that means the air is holding only about 50% of the moisture that it can capture at that specific temperature.

When it comes to your basement, if the outside air is warm and it gets into your home and then cools, it directly affects the relative humidity inside your home. For every degree cooler that your temperature is changed, the relative humidity increases by 2.2% per degree cooled.

Depending on the outside humidity level and temperatures, this can cause problems for your home. For example, if it's 80° outside with a humidity level reaching 65%, and the air enters your basement and cools down to about 65° in your basement, the relative humidity can reach up to 98%. Considering the fact that mold can grow when relative humidity levels reach 70%, this is a big problem for your basement. Not to mention, condensation begins to form as soon as the air reaches your cold water pipes, unfinished walls and other cold basement surfaces.

Regardless if there is any condensation present or not, relative humidity levels will unfortunately remain high, even without condensation. Unfortunately, this still allows mold and mildew to develop and create foul odors for your basement.

How to Maintain Relative Humidity

In order to keep your home's relative humidity levels under control, it's necessary to acquire a proper dehumidification system. With our WiseAire dehumidifiers and air filtration system, you can maintain your basement's relative humidity. Not only are our dehumidification systems extremely effective, but they're also energy efficient, and they will easily fit into your crawl space.

If you want to provide further support for your basement or crawl space, we also recommend installing a waterproofing system to remove any water or water vapor, and maintain full humidity control.

If you're ready to maintain the relative humidity in your home, please contact us today at 844-203-1819 to learn more.


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