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WiseAire™ Air Filtration System

 Not Your Typical Dehumidifier

The WiseAire™ 70 and WiseAire™ 95 are both highly-efficient, high-capacity dehumidification systems that contain air filtration within a single unit. The WiseAire™ systems can take up to 100 pints of water a day out of your basement air, while using the exact same energy as a "40 pint" dehumidifier. It drains particles out of the air to a size of less than two microns, which is tinier than any dust mite dropping or mold spore. The WiseAire™ Air Filtration System drains out your air in order to make it dry. Its strong blower moves the dry air out around and into your basement space. This air then dries your building materials and basement contents, making the feeling of living with a damp odor disappear. A WiseAire™ Dehumidification System can also make a big difference during a "condensation season." Our customers instantly fall in love with their WiseAire™ Air Filtration System after installation.

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