Dehumidification Solutions with WiseAire™ Dehumidifiers

 The WiseAire™ 70 and WiseAire™ 95 systems are highly energy-efficient basement dehumidifiers. 

Why Normal Household Dehumidifiers Don't Get the Job Done: 

  • They are typically too small.  
  • The cold coil (which removes the water from the air) is too small. 
  • The fan is also too small, as it doesn't circulate the dry air around your basement fully. (it has to be big enough so it doesn't blow air past the coil too quickly, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to drain any water). 
  • Normal humidifiers generally don't drain automatically, so the bucket piles up and they shut off. 
  • They are rated (25 pints, 30 pints, 40 pints, etc.) per day at 80 degrees air temperature. Warm air holds much more humidity than cold air does. Place them in a 68 degree basement and the performance of a normal humidifier goes down way below this number. 

When it comes to performance and efficiency, its hard to compare the WiseAire™ Air Filtration System with any other dehumidifier that is out there. That’s something you can take my word for, but won't truly know until you experience it for yourself.  

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